I Still Breastfeed My 14 Month Old!

This is my 3rd, & probably last baby boy. My plan was to breastfeed until he was 6 months. We continued! My plan was to stop breastfeeding at 1 year. We, again, continued! So here we are, the day before he turns 14 months old. At first, I just thought he was not ready. But then, about 2 weeks ago, I realized I’m not ready either! This is the last time I will stop breastfeeding. I love our sweet bond! I love our precious time rocking him, while he nurses, laying on our nursing pillow & him looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes! I’m going to miss these days, just as I have the other two times with my older boys! With 3 boys & a husband, not to mention school for my older boys, 1 more semester of college for me, soon will be soccer & baseball, plus work, it’s really the only relaxing time that I have. That is our precious time together & I cherish it. On the other hand, he has six teeth!! I’ve actually gotten used to the bites, but every now & then he catches me off guard! I had to work with him to get him to understand that biting the nipple that feeds you is NOT funny!! We mainly have it down to only breastfeeding at nap time on the weekends & at bed time. He still wakes up over night & it is so easy to just flop it out & lay in bed with him while he breastfeeds. He doesn’t wake up completely & I get a little more sleep as well. Someone told me to put anbisol on my nipples & that would break him. I have some, but I just cannot make myself do it. His pediatrician said that once he starts walking he would probably be less interested in my boobs. We are still working on the walking, but not quite there just yet. Maybe in another few months or when he starts walking we will come to an agreed upon end time. Until then…

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