Co-Sleeping…Brother Edition

Our youngest son is almost 11 months old. Our middle son is almost 6 years old, and our oldest son is 10 years old. Our (2) “big boys” or “big bubbas”, as we often call them, slept in our Queen size bed with us, until the first night we were home with our baby boy #3. Our oldest slept at my feet and our middle boy slept in between my husband and me. This was tough and not very comfortable. Especially being 9 months pregnant and huge. But, for the most part, I was OK with our sleeping arrangement because I knew our boys were safe and sleeping nice and sound. The other side of me really needed them to sleep in their own room and in their own beds. I needed the room. We needed the room. They needed to learn to sleep on their own.

Over the years, I would go through periods where I would try to enforce the “sleeping in your own bed(s) tonight” rule. But I would get discouraged and give up so easily. I tried with my oldest for a few years, before our middle son was born, but I was never successful. Then, when we had our 2nd son, he slept in his cradle beside our bed, just like our oldest did, until he was too big for it and crawling into our bed overnight. Some of those nights, I was so tired I did not even remember putting him in our bed, so the only explanation was that he did crawl right out of his cradle, over me, and right into our bed. So, we were all (4) sleeping in our Queen size bed, lined up like sardines.

When our middle little was about 3, we tried their own bed thing again. Just to get them to sleep in their own beds was a chore. I tried several different ways. But at least 1 of them would always pull the “I’m thirsty”, “one more song”, “one more story” card, then laughing and talking before they would finally fall asleep. While I did enjoy this somewhat, just spending a few more minutes with them and just listening to them get along and laugh down the hall way, I really wanted, needed them just go to sleep and stay in there beds all night long. They were just a bit grumpy the next morning after one of these nights. Sometimes we had the nights where they would come to my room at least 5 times and I would have to walk 1, or both, of them back to their room. They were getting better at starting out and finally going to sleep in their room, but they still always ended up in our bed sometime overnight. Half of the time I would not even realize it until I woke up the next morning.

FINALLY, fast forward to our first night home with baby boy #3. We had our nightly routine of story, song, and prayer. I kiss them good night, and they slept all night long in their own room, in the same bed!! So, this is the new current situation. They do share a room, but they each have their own bed. I guess you could say that we compromised. They do go right to sleep now, and sleep through the night. I am so happy for this. But they still co-sleep. This does seem to help them, and they do actually get plenty of sleep now. I’m just going to let them continue their co-sleeping just a little longer. Our oldest will be a teenager soon. I am pretty sure he will not want to sleep with his little brother then. So, I’ll just wait.

1 Sometimes I do miss them being little and sleeping with us. But then I remember how many nights I was woken up by feet kicking me or a booty in my face. I do not miss those times at all. I guess I gotta let them grow up sometime. I have one more to hold on to a little tighter at bed time. But I know that will not last forever either.

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